About Holiday Vibes US

Welcome to Holiday Vibes US! This is your go-to place for fun family trips and fancy luxury travels. We created Holiday Vibes US as a special hangout for travelers looking for awesome ideas and tips for unforgettable trips with family and friends.


HolidayVibesUS was started by two good friends, Mark Cox and Umesh Bhatt. Mark is a travel enthusiast who’s been wandering the globe for over 25 years! He’s seen so many breathtaking places and knows the insider tips for the best travel experiences. Umesh, on the other hand, will be our guide for travels in India. He’s eager to share his rich experiences from exploring the diverse landscapes and cultures of India, once we expand our blog to cover more countries.

Together, Mark and Umesh built Holiday Vibes US to help you discover the coolest spots for your trips and give you all the info you need to have an amazing time.


Family Travel

Family trips are all about fun and making special memories. We’ve got you covered with lots of ideas for places to go, fun activities, and tips to make sure everyone has the time of their lives.

Luxury Travel

If you’re into living the high life, you’ll love our luxury travel section. We’ll guide you to the most stunning places to stay and exclusive experiences that make you feel like a VIP.

Real Talk & Advice

We keep it 100% real. We’ll tell you what’s amazing and what’s not, and we’re here to help you make the best choices for an unforgettable adventure.

Cool Ideas & Tips

Our site is loaded with awesome places you’ll want to check out, along with smart tips to make your travels super smooth.


HolidayVibesUS is like a treasure chest full of exciting trips and stories. We’re all about sharing the love of travel and getting you excited for your next adventure.


Ready to get going? We’re thrilled to take this journey with you. Whether you’re planning a chill family vacation or a lavish luxury escape, HolidayVibesUS has something for everyone.

Got questions, or want to share your own travel story? Head on over to our Contact Us page. We can’t wait to hear from you!